Form Help for Adobe Acrobat Reader


To use these forms, you should have the latest version of the Adobe Acrobat Reader, version 5 or later, available from Adobe Acrobat Reader. You also need to set up the Acrobat Reader to properly highlight (put a box around) the current entry blank (field) you are working on. To set up the Acrobat Reader, you need to directly open the Acrobat Reader from your desktop (not through a browser) and choose the Edit menu, the Preferences item, and then the General... item. Select the Forms item from the list on the left, check the Highlight Form Fields check box, click on your preferred color (for example, Blue), and choose the OK button. From now on, this facility will work correctly on all Acrobat forms.


Press the Tab key to see the first entry blank (field). In each blank in the form, type in your answer and then press Tab to go to the next field. Here are some further tips:

For an explanation of what goes in a given field, hover over the field with your mouse and a tool tip will pop up with an explanation and an example of how to fill in the field.

If you run out of room, please attach additional typed sheets using a word processor.

To enter data on a different student, click your web browser's Refresh button to erase the data on the current student, but only after printing the form for the current student.

When you have completely filled out the form, please reread the data to check it for accuracy/completeness and then fax or snail-mail it to Puget Sound Behavioral Medicine to the address on the form. After you have printed the data, click your web browser's Refresh button to erase the data on the current student and preserve privacy.


To zoom or unzoom the size of the form, use the Acrobat toolbar and click the + or - button. You can also choose the drop-down menu and choose ths specific size or type in your preferred zoom size. If you prefer keystrokes, use:

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